Distortion Talent Tree

  • Advanced Singularity: As Singularity, except the effect has an increased radius of 5 squares
    Prerequisites: Singularity
  • Advanced Warp: As Warp, except the target loses DR 2
    Prerequisites: Warp
  • Master Singularity: As Singularity, except the result of the check needs to equal or exceed 20 to trigger the effect. The radius increases to 8 squares and lasts 1d4+2 rounds.
    Prerequisites: Advanced Singularity
  • Master Warp: As Warp, except the target loses DR 5
    Prerequisites: Advanced Warp
  • Shockwave: You re now able to use the biotic power Shockwave
    Prerequisites: Warp, Singularity

Kinetic Fields Talent Tree

  • Advanced Barrier: As Barrier, except the SR is increased by 2
    Prerequisites: Barrier
  • Advanced Stasis: As Stasis, except the duration is increased to 1d6 to replace the 1d4.
    Prerequisites: Stasis
  • Master Barrier: As Barrier, except the SR is increased by 4
    Prerequisites: Advanced Barrier
  • Master Stasis: As Stasis, except the duration is increased to 1d8 instead of the 1d4.
    Prerequisites: Advanced Stasis
  • Dominate: You re now able to use the biotic power Dominate
    Prerequisites: Barrier, Stasis

Telekinesis Talent Tree

  • Advanced Lift: As Lift, except the target is lifted off the ground for 1d6 rounds
    Prerequisites: Lift
  • Advanced Throw: As Throw, except the target suffers 3d6 damage an is pushed back 2 squares
    Prerequisites: Throw
  • Master Lift: As Lift, except the target is lifted off the ground for 1d8 rounds
    Prerequisites: Advanced Lift
  • Master Throw: As Throw, except the target suffers 3d6 damage,is pushed back 3 squares and is knocked down.
    Prerequisites: Advanced Throw
  • Slam: You are now able to use the biotic power Slam
    Prerequisites: Lift, Throw

Biotic Specialization Talent Tree

  • Quick Biotics: Once per encounter, you can regain the use of 1 spent biotic power
  • Improved Quick Biotics: Once per encounter, you can regain the use of 2 spent biotic powers
    Prerequisites: Quick Biotics, Skill Focus (Use Biotics)
  • Biotic Resistance: Your knowledge and control of biotics better enable you to resist the biotics of opponents; against Biotic powers you gains a +2 bonus to defenses and opposed rolls
  • Improved Biotic Resistance: Few can match your dedication and training you have invested in biotics. Your ability to defend against such powers is impressive, against Biotic powers, you gain a +5 bonus to defenses and opposed rolls.
    Prerequisite: Biotic Resistance
  • Bastion: A master of biotics, you have focused your powers into defense, seeking to protect and aid your allies. Once per encounter you may the Barrier power and instead grant the bonus it grants to a number of targets (which can include you) equal to your Charisma modifier
    Prerequisites: Any 2 talents from the Biotic Talents tress, Skill Focus (Use Biotics), Stasis, Barrier
  • Improved Bastion: You have further improved your defensive biotic abilities, allowing for a more controlled immobilisation of your enemies. Once per encounter, when you use the Stasis power, the target may not take any action, as per normal, however the target may still be damaged by you or your allies. Only normal attack damage may be dealt to the immobilized target; although unable to take any actions, the target does not count as helpless.
    Prerequisites: Bastion
  • Bastion Specialization: Your control of biotics defense and immobilization is unrivaled. Few can match your ability in this area of biotics, and you are an invaluable bulwark between your enemies and your allies. Bastion Specialization allow you to use the Bastion and Improved Bastion talent twice per encounter.
    Prerequisites: Improved Bastion, Heroic level 9th

Operative Talent Tree
You have learned to use your biotic powers subtly in order to become a covert operative; you have many jobs, including that of a negotiator, and while you may be less combat-oriented, you are no less deadly.

  • Biotic Cloak: As a swift action, you can surround yourself with an invisible bubble of biotic power that shields you and anything you’re carrying from electronic surveillance. The bubble also blocks all electronic sensors and communications. The biotic cloak lasts for as long as you concentrate (a standard action) or until the start of your next turn.
  • Adept Negotiator: As a standard action, you can weaken the resolve of an enemy with your words. The target must have an Intelligence of 3 or higher, and it must be able to see, hear, and understand you. Make a Persuasion check; if the result equals or exceeds the target’s Will Defense, it moves -1 step along the condition track. The target gets a +5 bonus to its Will Defense if it is higher level than you. If the target reaches the end of the track, it does not fall unconscious; instead, it cannot attack you or your allies for the remainder of the encounter unless you or one of your allies attacks it or one of its allies first.
  • Skilled Tactician: You can spend a full-round action advising an ally, thereby granting him a +5 bonus on his next skill check. If you spend a Tactical Point, the bonus increases to +10. The target must be able (and willing) to hear and understand your advice. You cannot advise yourself. This is a mind-affecting effect.
  • Biotic Intuition: You can use your Use Biotics check modifier instead of your Initiative modifier when making Initiative checks. You are considered trained in the Initiative skill for purposes of using this talent. If you are entitled to an Initiative check reroll, you may reroll your Use Biotics check instead (subject to the same circumstances and limitations).

Justicar Talent Tree
You have used your biotic talents to follow in the footsteps of the Asari Justicars; perhaps you aspire to becoming one, or something like it. You use your talents to hunt down and punish criminals, the guilty, and other unpleasant individuals.

  • Clear Mind: you may reroll any opposed Use Biotics check made to avoid being detected by other biotics users. you must take the result of the second roll, even if it is worse.
  • Scourge of Evil: Against targets you have previously defined as evil or criminal (this must occur prior to any combat, and you must identify specific individuals, not general groups), you gain a bonus when using your biotic powers against them equal to your Charisma bonus (minimum +1).
  • Biotic Focus: As a full-round action, you may make a DC 15 Use Biotics check. If the check succeeds, you regain one spent Biotic power of your choice.
  • Sense Evil: Adepts following the path of the Justicar become exceptionally talented at rooting out evil. You may reroll any Use Biotics check made to sense the presence and relative location of any target you are currently hunting; you may only have one such target at a time. you must take the results of the reroll, even if it is worse.

Battlemaster Talent Tree
Much like the fabled Krogan Battlemasters, you have turned your biotics skills inwards, for use in glorious combat. Not for you the long-range weapons of the modern battlefield; you prefer to get up close and personal, and your biotics let you do just that.

  • Elusive Target: When fighting an opponent or multiple opponents in melee, other opponents attempting to target you with ranged attacks take a -5 penalty. This penalty is in addition to the normal -5 penalty for firing into melee, making the penalty to target you -10.
  • Resilience: You can spend a Tactical Point as a swift action to move +2 steps on the condition track.
  • Attune Armor: As a full-round action, you may spend a Tactical Point to attune a suit of armor to your biotic field, permanently increasing its armor bonus by +2. In addition, the maximum Dexterity bonus of the attuned armor permanently improves by +1. Only you can benefit from wearing the attuned armor; the benefits do not apply if someone else dons the armor.
  • Damage Reduction: You can spend a Force Point as a standard action to gain damage reduction 10 for 1 minute.


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