Biotic Implant

  • Replace : Force Sensitivity
  • Benefit: The Biotic Skill is considered a Class Skill for you. In addition, when you may select a talent from you Class Talent List, you may choose to select a talent from any of the Biotic Talent for which you meet the prerequisite.

Biotic Training

  • Replace : Force Training
  • Benefits: You can now train in the skill Use Biotics. You also add to your Biotics suite 1 + your Wisdom modifier (minimum 1) biotic powers. You can add the same power more than once.
  • Special: Can take more than once, and if your Wisdom modifier increases, add a number of Biotics uses equal to the number of times you have taken this feat. Some powers may have prerequisites; you must take those before gaining the indicated power.

Synthetic Fighter

  • Prerequisites: Heroic level 5th
  • Benefit: Reroll attacks against synthetics and keep the second result

Tech Training

  • Benefits: Taking this feat allows you to use Tech mines and Tech powers. Make a Use Computer or Mechanics check to activate a mine or power. As with Biotic Training, you gain access to a number of powers equal to 1 + your Intelligence modifier (minimum 1), and you may take this feat multiple times to gain more powers; each power may only be used once per encounter. Require an Omni-Tool.

Tech Mine Enhancement I

  • Prerequisites: Tech Specialization, Skill Focus (Use Computer)
  • Benefit: Increase the explosion area of your Tech Mines by 1 square. (Your mines affect a 3×3 square instead of a 2×2 square area)

Tech Mine Enhancement II

  • Prerequisites: Tech Mine Enhancement I
  • Benefit: Change the area of your Tech Mine explosions from a 3×3 area into a cone. You can switch between either shape when setting the mines but doing so is a swift action.

Other Feats

  • Feat linked to Force Power: Those feat might translate to Biotic powers but would require DM approval to be sure
  • Feat linked to Lightsaber: Since lightsabers don’t exist in Mass Effect those feats need consideration. If they can relate to other type of melee weapons then they are available with DM approval.
  • Other Feats: All other feats are available as per normal Star Wars Saga rules.



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